CULINARY // Bars and restaurants have been my bread and butter. Spreading the word.    

APPAREL // I write about my shirts and the business of shirts. This category should be called Shirts. 

PODCASTS // Episodes and associated adventures. 

PROSE // Prose is poetry like pictures are films, and I’m an iambic pentameter-er who didn’t know it.

WRITING // Screenplays, standup, poetry, books, millions of words in yearly journals = broke. 

Coming Soon // Writing about art, film, things that entertain me. Creating tutorials. And everything in Spanish, tambien.


BLOG Some Reservations

Some Reservations: Fear & Clothing on Mas Stages

Hey, you magnificent seven (hope it’s more, unless you’re a hateful eight)! Here’s an update on what’s happening at the beginning of 2024, and what’s to come through 2080. It’s … Some Reservations: Fear & Clothing on Mas Stages READ MORE »

Fuckin' Tired

Fuckin’ Tired

I’m fuckin’ tired after grinding away the hours, days, week… Preparing to launch, launching, relaunching, unlaunching (it’s a word), prepare again…

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