Ridiculous Podcast and Game Show History

A Ridiculous Podcast History

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Fun fact, I was about 15 episodes into producing my own podcast before listening to any others.

As the Office Manager of a comedy club, it made sense to interview dope comics like Gilbert Gottfried, Lynne Koplitz, and Jamie Kennedy, so I created the Freeman’s Table Podcast.

We recorded in my home studio, at the club, the condo (gross), and a failed attempt in a restaurant. When I got tired of interviewing comics (club job ended), I shifted the format to focus on me, myself, and these wildly over-confident testicles.

Cue a Booze+Bud-induced phase of creative mayhem. Fun – but life started spinning me right round, like a record, baby. Right round. I scratched and clawed to upload new episodes, but it was tough.

And then, life kicked me square in the dick. Not like a love tap or nothin’. Life backed up twenty paces, ran at me full speed, and pulled some Tekken-style shit on my junk. I was at rock bottom personally and professionally when a pandemic did a little bit of this, little bit of that.

So, I started over, and it should’ve been a whole new podcast, but…


I turned it into a game show. And by the 11th episode of the games, I hit the brakes and reformatted everything for video broadcast. Which meant I had to learn, you know, all that. So now I was creating, writing, hosting, and producing the entire thing live – by myself. Alone, no team, no help, solo.

You with me?

No one else was.

For a little while, Taylor jumped on board to help write and added much-needed laughs and welcome shenanigans. Taylor is also a contestant on episodes 8 and 18. Hope to work with her again.

Finally, as the world battled a pandemic and loads of social insanity, the weight of personal losses and a lifetime of self-medicating without any treatment face-planted me into depression. To anyone I ever dismissed in similar circumstances, my sincerest apologies.

But I got lucky with a great therapist, and now I’m perfect.

The end.

End – of this post, not podcasting, or therapy.

Got two new shows that’ll start recordiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing — soon.



Mat Freeman is an author, artist, performer and producer (and a recovering restaurant consultant). He's developed podcasts, a YouTube game show, and performed standup comedy for over 20 years.

“After a lifetime of painting, writing, performing and producing — I’m finally good at restaurants.” — Mat (crying)


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