Ridiculous Podcast and Game Show History

A Ridiculous Podcast History

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Fun fact, I was about 15 episodes into producing my own podcast before listening to any others.

As the Office Manager of a comedy club, it made sense to interview dope comics like Gilbert Gottfried, Lynne Koplitz, and Jamie Kennedy, so I created the Freeman’s Table Podcast.

We recorded in my home studio, at the club, the condo (gross), and a failed attempt in a restaurant. When I got tired of interviewing comics (club job ended), I shifted the format to focus on me, myself, and these wildly over-confident testicles.

Cue a Booze+Bud-induced phase of creative mayhem. Fun – but life started spinning me right round, like a record, baby. Right round. I scratched and clawed to upload new episodes, but it was tough.

And then, life kicked me square in the dick. Not like a love tap or nothin’. Life backed up twenty paces, ran at me full speed, and pulled some Tekken-style shit on my junk. I was at rock bottom personally and professionally when a pandemic did a little bit of this, little bit of that.

So, I started over, and it should’ve been a whole new podcast, but…


I turned it into a game show. And by the 11th episode of the games, I hit the brakes and reformatted everything for video broadcast. Which meant I had to learn, you know, all that. So now I was creating, writing, hosting, and producing the entire thing live – by myself. Alone, no team, no help, solo.

You with me?

No one else was.

For a little while, Taylor jumped on board to help write and added much-needed laughs and welcome shenanigans. Taylor is also a contestant on episodes 8 and 18. Hope to work with her again.

Finally, as the world battled a pandemic and loads of social insanity, the weight of personal losses and a lifetime of self-medicating without any treatment face-planted me into depression. To anyone I ever dismissed in similar circumstances, my sincerest apologies.

But I got lucky with a great therapist, and now I’m perfect.

The end.

End – of this post, not podcasting, or therapy.

Got two new shows that’ll start recordiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing — soon.



Mat Freeman is an author, artist, performer and producer (and a recovering restaurant consultant). He's developed podcasts, a YouTube game show, and performed standup comedy for over 20 years.

“After a lifetime of painting, writing, performing and producing — I’m finally good at restaurants.” — Mat (crying)


Ridiculous Podcast and Game Show History

A Ridiculous Podcast History

Before I ever listened to one, I needed a podcast. After all, I’m a white male in America, and — AND —  I fancy myself a “comedian”.

I was the Office Manager at a comedy club, so it only made sense to interview comedians. Some were dope fuckers like Gilbert Gottfried, Lynne Koplitz, and Jamie Kennedy. Most others were dope fuckers whose names are less known, but their acts are no less dope.

Fuckin' Tired

Fuckin’ Tired

I’m fuckin’ tired after grinding away the hours, days, week… Preparing to launch, launching, relaunching, unlaunching (it’s a word), prepare again…

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