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Through May 1, 2024, my SHOP will function as a crowdfunding campaign. I’m not just selling products—I’m funding a transition to full-time art and comedy.

Your support is huge right now, but I’m really looking forward to the fun we can have long after this campagn ends. We’re talking about the launch of my career and professional independence. And I’ll be showing you how I manage this one-man band, in blog posts, tutorial videos, and podcast episodes; sharing everything I’ve learned, along with way too many jokes. Maybe it’ll get better when I return to the stage. Probably not.  

After the deadline, I’ll deliver the goods and start work on a short video to thank everyone for their support, including your name showcased in a Special Credit segment, but you may also request to remain anonymous. Wish I could. 

Visit the Deadline to Freedom (DTF) page for regular updates between now and Uno de Mayo, subscribe to the newsletter, share on the ol’ socials and let’s make a little history together. 


Signed MF 2.0


Special Thanks | $10 – $100
See your name in the Special Credit segment of the short DTF Campaign film. Listed for $10, or support with $25, $50, or $100. 

Signed Prints | $40
Choose a print of your favorite painting finished by the deadline. Each will be signed and hand numbered. Prints cut to scale (~ 8 x 12 inches). Track DTF Prints progress at the DTF Campaign hub. 

Custom Tees | $60
Crafted with premium gear and water-based inks, each shirt is a wearable canvas of my original artwork. Track DTF Tees at the DTF Campaign hub.  

Original Paintings | $200
Unframed small-to-medium sized acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and canvas board. Available as they’re finished. Track DTF Originals at the DTF Campaign hub. 

Patron Framed | $500+
For those who appreciate supporting the arts as a generous patron, these custom framed paintings will be available to pay $500, or choose a more obnoxious amount, like $750 or $1000. Track DTF Frames at the DTF Campaign hub.




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