Freeman's Table Game Show Episode 10

FREEMAN’S TABLE | 10 | Miller vs. Klein

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In Episode 10 of the Freeman’s Table Game Show, Steve Miller returns to face off against Jeff Klein, who has also been on the show before. This another rivalry that started long before the show, which makes for good competition, but even better venom and laughs! 

Steve Miller has shared the stage with some of comedy’s biggest names, including Jim Jefferies, Amy Schumer, Brian Posehn and Kyle Kinane. You can hear him on Sirius/XM satellite radio, and he’s appeared on Fox. Visit to find out more.

Jeff Klein created Wigs and Wit, a comedy competition between professional drag queens and comedians. He also created Outside a Comedy Club, short films performed, you guessed it, outside a comedy club. Click the links to visit the Facebook Pages for each.

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