Taste Relief

times can be tough
They can

And times can be rough
on your hands
and knees

That’s because times like these rewind and repeat
and the best you can do
is land on your feet

Land on your keys
when you sit down exhausted
from looking for weeks

when the ground underneath is shuffling around
with an opposite rhythm and beat

Flirt with an obvious disaster
enjoying the closeted giving of heat

Live a metered rendition of life
a sweeter position to like

Squeeze a petition from living ambition with vigor
and figure the fiction is right

If still you’re missing delight
fill your mission with white little noises
strategically placed
like an ace
you keep out o’ sight

Base your belief on a fight you can win
not one that you might

Taste the relief of doing it twice

Once you get in
stay in with a light

Grinning is good in the dark
but others won’t know what you like

—  Mat Freeman  (2004)


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