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0015 | Cuzino vs. Brooks

Episode 0015 | YouTube Video    Episode 0015 | Podcast Audio   Cuzino vs. Brooks Episode 15 features Taylor Cuzino vs. Clark Brooks, back for another round – now on video. Look for Taylor and Clark at Tampa News Force, and you can find Clark and his new book at! Sponsored by Niaddi Flan Check …

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0014 | Ziegler vs. Williams

Episode 0014 | YouTube Video    Episode 0014 | Podcast Audio   Ziegler vs. Williams This is the first video recording of Freeman’s Table, which you can find above, or on the new YouTube Channel. It features Amanda “The Intern” Ziegler vs. her How To Die Alone compadre Matt Williams. He leads their series 2-1, …

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0013 | Cuzino vs. Baldwin

Cuzino vs. Baldwin Taylor Cuzino is back and battling Mike Baldwin for the first episode of 2021. Great way to start the year! Check out Taylor’s satire at, where you’ll find fun articles by her and other Tampa comedians. And see where Mike’s performing next at He’s a frikkin’ beast on stage. Don’t …

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0012 | Hortman vs. Sawin

Hortman vs. Sawin | New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Special I finally got the original gangsters going head-2-head on the show. They’ve both played before, but not against each other. It was a spur of the moment availability and we pounced on it. Good thing too ’cause it’s hella fun. Check out Rahn Hortman at …

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0011 | Ziegler vs. Williams

Ziegler vs. Williams | Crimmus Special Amanda Ziegler and Matt Williams are back for the first tie-breaker. Both contestants join me from the How To Die Alone podcast, available at Sponsored by Niaddi Flan Check out to find a store or restaurant near you that carries my favorite flan, or buy online and have it shipped …

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0010 | Miller vs. Klein

Miller vs. Klein In Steve Miller’s return, he faces off against Jeff Klein, who has also been on the show before. Check out this episode to hear another rivalry develop, which means they’ll be going head-to-head again. Steve Miller has shared the stage with some of comedy’s biggest names, including Jim Jefferies, Amy Schumer, Brian …

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0009 | Hortman vs. Baldwin

Hortman vs. Baldwin Rahn Hortman returns to play against a new Freeman’s Table favorite, Mike Baldwin. Looking forward to having them both back on the show. You can find Rahn Hortman at, including his book Daily Dose for Realationships, and his Struggle Is Real podcast. Check out to buy Mike Baldwin merch and …

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0008 | Cuzino vs. Brooks

Cuzino vs. Brooks Clark Brooks returns to battle our great friend Taylor Cuzino, another writer at Tampa News Force. Visit to see what he’s up to, and check out to see fun articles by both of these players, and other Tampa comedians. Sponsored by Niaddi Flan Check out to find a store or restaurant near you that …

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0007 | Hortman vs. Lopez

Hortman vs. Lopez Rahn Hortman and Joe Lopez square off in a hilarious matchup that had me laughing, and making mistakes in the process. Turns out it’s funny when I screw the pooch. You can find everything about comedian Rahn Hortman at, including his book Daily Dose for Realationships, and his Struggle Is Real podcast. Check out to …

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