I draw, paint, craft, build, think. I think art. You ever do that? You might call it smokin' weed. I say I'm thinkin' art.  Go to ART »


Filmmaking has always been the primary goal. As long as I'm not actively doing it, I imagine any writing about it will be soaked in tears.  Go to FILM »


All posts for new episodes, podcast news, and its history, which is good because I've done some crazy shit with it. You'll need this when wondering, "What the fuck? Are there nine versions of this podcast?" Yeah. Maybe more. It's early yet.  Go to PODCAST »


I write poetry. Shut up, it's actually goodish. I'm like Dr. Seuss for adults. I mean, he was for adults, but I'm for adults who, I don't know, are in rehab? I used to write something, call mom, read it to her, then put it away and forget about it. She ain't here no more, so it's on you now. I wanna hear, "Oh, boy, that was, um, wordy. What's it about, sweetie?" Each will soon have an audio version, so you'll have a bonus reason to hate this.  Go to PROSE » 


I've written about a thousand times more material than I've performed, but I hope to get back onstage to do every last joke. Not in one shot. Over time, dick. I'll write about the process, and the entire business, since I've worked in almost every position. Missionary, reverse cowbo... No, wait. Performer, bartender, club manager, shit stain, and show runner.  Go to STANDUP »


Writing is the foundation of all this shit. I mean, it's a blog. But I'm gonna write about writing too. Plus I wrote a book, and before that, many screenplays. Accidentally fell into writing a television series recently. Not for money, so of course I've learned nothing. You might.  Go to WRITING »



Half my professional life has been creative, the other half has been in the restaurant and bar industry, which, let's be honest, has supported all the creative shit. Creative shit don't be paying old crusty fuckers. If I was a fine young lady doing underwear stuff on the webs, or if I just had any talent, I'd get paid. Instead, tipped wage or salaried hell. I write about it.  Go to CULINARY »


These are random updates about my life, in the moment, for unpolished access to my brain. Apologies in advance.  Go to JOURNAL »


About producing music, certain sports, as varied as Frisbee Golf and F1 Racing. Might write about possible reasons no NBA teams have called me up from my desk chair to compete in the playoffs. Ah? Maybe not.  Go to INTERESTS... »


It's hell learning new things online because you can rarely find one good resource to pull from. Many reworded searches on Gurgle and YawnTube are required before you can piece together the answer, and then it can be difficult to finish a project when you've smashed the monitor and thrown the keyboard behind your head. I'll document my results and post them for you. FYI -- I do appreciate all the millions of randos I've learned from. Trying to pay it forward a little.  Go to TUTORIALS »


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